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Friday, 23 Mar 2018

The Marriage and Family

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Marriage with foreign factor

“The relationship of marriage and family involving foreign elements” means the relationship between marriage and family Vietnam nationals and foreigners, between foreigners permanently residing together in Vietnam, between Vietnam and citizens each other and the ground to establish, change or terminate such relationship or foreign law relating to property in which foreign relations.

Currently, Vietnam has many foreigners married formation of multi-nationality family, multiculturalism became the cultural bridge between Vietnam and other countries around the world. Many foreign nationals have to meet the Vietnam adoption contributed to home and family for many children are abandoned, are especially difficult circumstances as a result of the war.
Our notion that marriage with a foreigner is inevitable in the context of globalization today. We can not because the old concepts such as time of foreign invasion, but also condemn the marriage and prevent foreign elements. Voluntarism can not or do not want to want to have the phenomenon of marriage with foreigners. This is a problem during normal development, exchanges and economic integration, cultural.

Content consulting services on marriage and family are foreign elements:

- Consulting marriage between Vietnam and foreign;
- Consulting marriage between people of Vietnam with the Vietnam residing abroad;
- Consulting marriage between foreigners and foreigners residing in Vietnam;
- Consult the order and divorce proceedings with foreign elements;
- Consult all matters relating to marriage and family relations involving foreign elements.

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