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Sunday, 25 Mar 2018


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Do you want to...
- Setup an offshore facility ?

- To do business at Vietnam?

- Reduce risk with a BOT operation ?

- Outsource to Vietnam?

- Find a trusted & reliable technology partner ?

Dzung Trieu Law Firm which provides a comprehensive set of corporate legal services in:

Company & Corporate matters  

• Establishing enterprises
• Consulting Law of domestic and foreign investment.
• Consulting Law of real estate, construction and environment.
• Carrying out researches and evaluating legal problems.

• Doing market researches and Profession researches.

• Supporting evaluation and completing investment ideas.
• Setting up the feasible researching report, supporting to find more financial projects
• Consulting and supporting foreign cooperated business, establishing foreign-invested enterprises.
• Consulting and supporting the privatized business, re-structuring company.
• Consulting Finance, Investment and Management Business.

Intellectual Property Consultant (Trademarks, Patents, Copyright, Design):

• Registering merchandise trademark protection, invention right, useful solution, industry style, source of origin denomination.
• Registering all rights reserved protection, website name on internet.
• Consulting the related problems to industry property and author copyright.
• Consulting to technology conversion and lixang
• Consulting and protecting business secrecy and anti-unfair competition.
• Representing/Participating to solve the disputes, violation of industry property and author copyright.

- And Banking, Finance & Tax Law, Information Technology and Web law consultant...

Dzung Trieu law firm and Associates.
Head office : 15A/302 Minh Khai Stress - Ha Noi - Viet Nam.
Tel : 04. 66556263 - 0942 477375.