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Friday, 23 Mar 2018


3-21-feng-shui-curved-walk-2.JPG.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960Today, feng shui is practiced not only at Asia, but also by Westerners. However, with the passage of time and feng shui's popularization in the West, much of the knowledge behind it has been lost in translation, not paid proper attention to, frowned upon, or scorned.Robert T. Carroll sums up what feng shui has become in some cases:"... feng shui has become an aspect of interior decorating in the Western world and alleged masters of feng shui now hire themselves out for hefty sums to tell people such as Donald Trump which way his doors and other things should hang. Feng shui has also become another New Age "energy" scam with arrays of metaphysical products ... offered for sale to help you improve your health, maximize your potential, and guarantee fulfillment of some fortune cookie philosophy."

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